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Elk, California, where the forests and meadows meet the sea

The place we call home

Elk Community Web Site

Welcome to ElkWeb – the Elk Community Web Site – where residents can find information on events, activities, community resources, and businesses in the Elk area. The site is sponsored and maintained on a volunteer basis by the Greenwood Civic Club and the Greenwood Community Center as a service to the community.

Neighbors, friends and visitors – please visit our website often to stay informed and be a part of our lively community.


The Greenwood Civic Club

Founded in 1917, the Greenwood Civic Club is dedicated to promoting and preserving the history of the town of Elk and supporting the community’s organizations and activities.  Proceeds from its fundraising efforts benefit the Elk Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance, the Greenwood Community Center and its children’s summer program, a scholarship fund for local students, and contribute to community welfare projects and emergency relief efforts.

You can support the Greenwood Civic Club's efforts to serve the Elk community by sending tax-deductible donations to the Greenwood Civic Club, PO Box 282, Elk, CA 95432.

The Greenwood Community Center

The Greenwood Community Center, established in 1974, offers the residents of Elk a place for cultural, educational and civic events.  It is committed to offering events and activities not otherwise available in this rural area, while providing opportunities for local residents to utilize their talents and create partnerships to offer a diverse array of experiences that enrich community life.  To sustain and further its services, the Center raises funds through facility rentals and special events like the annual Great Day in Elk.  You can get information on renting the Center for your next event by clicking here.

If you would like to help support the Greenwood Community Center, please send your tax-deductible donations to the Greenwood Community Center, PO Box 183, Elk, CA 95432 or click on the "Support Our Efforts" button to the left.

Our Post Office name is Elk, but the town was originally called Greenwood – many of us still call it that.  Find out what happened...

The Greenwood Community Center and the Greenwood Civic Club are 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organizations.